By Lamin Cham

Bakary Jaiteh, an executive member of the APRC which backed President Barrow’s re-election bid, has expressed disappointment over the detention of former Republican Guard Commander, Saul Badjie and colleagues at Mile 2 Central Prisons.

Last month, Badjie who has been implicated in many alleged crimes by the truth commission, returned home from exile alongside a dozen other security details of the former president Yahya Jammeh. On Monday, the Gambia government confirmed that he and Major Landin Tamba and WO2 Musa Jammeh, who have also been adversely mentioned by the TRRC, are being held at Mile 2.


However, speaking in an audio obtained by The Standard, Bakso Jaiteh said it was the Fabakary Tombong Jatta leadership that negotiated the return of Badjie and colleagues but not for them to be locked up at Mile 2. “That was not part of the negotiations. We want to assure all APRC supporters that we are concern about whatever happens to them”, Jaiteh said, calling on APRC militants to stay calm and remain peaceful.

Mr Jaiteh called on President Adama Barrow to start being very careful. ”You have be vigilant about certain people who did not want you to be president and did not want Saul Badjie and others to have any peace so that they can provoke us and diminish us in politics,” Bakso said, warning Barrow.

“Yes, we are in a happy mood but this has taken another angle which brings us sadness. Yes, we know that security people have to do their work, investigate everything but we did not bring these people here to be taken to Mile 2. We will not be part of anything that will bring people from where they were for them to be locked up here. May God forbid me from being part of that”, Bakso said.

 Turning to address APRC supporters, Jaiteh called on the party to stand up and put up the party’s own candidates in the coming National Assembly elections.

”We all how some things were worked out and we want to make sure that what we have said happens. If those things cannot happen, then let every one pack your luggage and return to where you come from. That is what I can see. Let us put our own candidates and I am sure from the way people are ready to, we could get as many as 20 MPs,” Bakso said.

 Bakso said he fought tooth and nail to ensure that Barrow is elected and therefore he needs to be heard and be respected.

“If that is not there, I Bakary will not be part of it and I will not condone it,” he strongly warned.