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By Omar Bah

The interim leader of the opposition APRC, Fabakary Tombong Jatta, has said that his party’s doors are open to President Adama Barrow and all political parties but so far Barrow has not approached them.
“We have had no talks with him about coming together. The information of Barrow contacting us is baseless and these are allegations borne out of fear, because the APRC is coming with full force. So everybody believes we are in negotiation with every Tom Dick and Harry,” he noted.
FTJ further revealed that the APRC would have reported any talks or negotiations, if they had any with anyone to its members, since they are clean and do not hide.

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“We are open to negotiate with all political parties. If we can agree, fine,” he said.
Although Mr Jatta would not confirm whether Jammeh will continue to be the leader of the party going into future elections, he said the former president is one of the founders of APRC and up to the time of leaving the country, he was the leader of the party and they are grateful to him for what he has done for the country.
“President Jammeh is still our beacon of hope. The APRC owed it to him and we would die with him. We believe it will be difficult for any other party to achieve what he achieved in this country,” he observed.
FTJ also disclosed that the APRC is working very hard in preparation for their congress.
“We are trying to put the party on the right footing and when the time comes for us to select our flagbearer the delegates to the congress will determine who will get the nod,” he explained.

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