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Are the innuendos good for the country?

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Democracy, it is said, is participatory. This is why the governed also take part by speaking out to contribute their opinions to the national discourse.

This, it is hoped, will create an avenue to scrutinize every decision, every policy, every issue with a view to finding the best and implement it for the advancement of the country.

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But even this constant debate has to follow certain principles for it to be beneficial. For instance, the debate has to be on issues and not personalities. It should be for the benefit of the nation – the greater good if you like – but not for the furtherance of an individual or a group.

The bottom line is that every citizen should know that the nation is bigger than each individual citizen. Thus, when the debate turns acrimonious, one should always try to rise above his/her ego and personal interest and put the nation first.

The Gambia currently needs all her citizens to utilize all their natural abilities to build the nation. Therefore, it is expected that everyone will contribute his/her quota, of course this should be done constructively and with some level of decorum.

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