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City of Banjul
Monday, September 21, 2020

Armed robbers attack Fass

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By Alagie Manneh

Armed men have attacked Fass Njaga-Choi in Niumi, Saturday night and focibly took money from residents.

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According to sources in the village, the men arrived on a pick-up vehicle armed with guns from the direction of the Senegal border and started shooting in the air. Omar Bah, a native of the village, said burglary in the area may not be new but Saturday’s robbery involved the use of arms which raises security questions.

“What makes this one worrying is that the thieves were armed and were ready to fire.   No lives were lost but the armed men raided at least two local shops, damaging properties and taking large amounts of money from the coffers of the shops,” Bah said.

He said it appeared the intention of the robbers was not to kill but to loot, but added, “you never can tell what will happen if anyone tries to resist.”
Fass Njaga-Choi is a commercial centre with hundreds of traders converging there at least once in a week.

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