Army denies making arrests in Senegal


By Alagie Manneh

The spokesperson of the Gambia Armed Forces has denied claims that Gambian forces entered Senegal some two weeks ago, took two people and brought them to Farafenni.

In an expansive interview with The Standard Bantaba published last Friday, the Senegalese high commissioner to The Gambia Bassirou Séne claimed Gambian forces entered Senegal and went all the way to Médina Sabakh, in the Kaolack region, apprehended two people and took them to Farafenni.


The top diplomat was responding to queries that the Senegalese government is compromising the sovereignty of The Gambia with the frequent incursions of armed Senegalese forces into the country under the controversial so-called “hot pursuit” agreement signed between the two countries in 2017.

However, the army said it has no record of any such operation which saw the arrest of two people from Médina Sabakh.

“I am not aware of that,” PRO Major Sanyang told The Standard yesterday.

“If a diplomat is saying that we took two people from Senegal, well I am not aware. Maybe you might want to contact the foreign affairs ministry. It’s possible they would know something. [But] I cannot remember any of our soldiers going into Senegalese territory and making arrests,” Major Sanyang asserted.