By Lamin Cham

Lt. Col. Omar Bojang, the Public Relations Officer of the Gambia Armed Forces has said that the army has heard and is monitoring rumours circulating that army deserters based in the region are intending to cause instability in The Gambia.



“As you know, anything dealing with national security, real or imagined, is never taken lightly by the Gambia Armed Forces and we are monitoring the reported rumours. In any case we will be very pleased if anyone or group who has credible intelligence or information to dutifully share with us,” he said.


On Tuesday a reputable French magazine Juene Afrique carried unconfirmed reports that Senegalese and French Intelligence have discovered that some 300 Gambia army deserters loyal to former president Yayha Jammeh based in Mauritania and other parts of the region may be planning to cause insecurity in The Gambia. The report followed an earlier comment by visiting French Minister to Senegal who alluded that the new Gambia government could still face threats from loyalists of the former regime.


Meanwhile the Army high command has announced major changes in its postings and appointments as part of its transformation and restructuring process, statement from Army headquarters say yesterday. The statement further revealed that certain units have been upgraded into battalions.
“The postings, appointments and upgrading of certain units is in line with the standardisation and harmonisation of our military to meet international standards and also to make the GAF more efficient and responsive to security challenges,” PRO lt. Col, Omar Bojang told The Standard.


According to the Army PRO, the following postings and appointments had been made:
The Commanding Officer Guards Battalion Colonel Essa Tamba has been replaced by Lieutenant Colonel Yorro NA Jallow while the Commanding Officer 1Infantry Battalion Colonel Sait Njie has been replaced by Lieutenant Colonel Babucarr Sanyang.
Also the Commanding Officer 2 Infantry Battalion Salifu Bojang has been replaced by Lieutenant Colonel Samba Baldeh


“In the same vein, Kanilai Garrison is now a battalion under the Gambia National Army and is commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Sarjo Jarju while the Basse camp has been upgraded to a Battalion and commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Pierre J Mendy,” PRO Bojang said.
He further disclosed that the replaced Commanding Officers are reposted back to the Defence Headquarters to take up new assignments and responsibilities.