NAMs call for end to misuse of tax payers’ money


By Baba Sillah

Members of the National Assembly have been having their say following the tabulation of the 2017 budget estimate by the Finance and Economic Affairs Minister. During yesterday’s debate Members called for an end to unauthorized spending and flamboyant lifestyle by government servants and possible amalgamation of some ministries if necessary so as to reduce government expenditure.



Among other things, members called for adjustment such as a possible reduction of the Gambian embassies abroad, reduction of the travelling expenditure by civil servants and an end to the misuse of government vehicles which they said should be taken into consideration in order to avoid unnecessary spending of tax payers’ money.
The National Assembly Members also commended government for cutting expenditure which they said is a move in the right direction.


The session was adjourned to today to enable other members express their views before the Finance Minister will respond to the recommendations made by the lawmakers and the estimated 2017 budget finally approved.
The Finance Minister on Thursday announced massive cut in government expenditure totaling some D475M as follows: Office of the President D158M, Ministry of Defense D25M, Ministry of Foreign Affairs D10M, Centralized Services D135M, Ministry of Lands D38M, Ministry of Agriculture D3M, Ministry of Works D100M and Ministry of Environment D6M.