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Aspiring party leader addresses press

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By Omar Bah Omar Beyai, a former teacher, who recently told The Standard of his intention to take up the vacant leadership role of the APRC party, but later changed to plan a new party he called APP, the All People’s Party, has held his first press conference to outline his party’s level of preparation. He stressed that the All People’s Party will be for the young people, by the young and to be run by the young people. Mr Beyai noted that his decision to dedicate the party to the young people is to ensure that they are represented in the country’s decision making process as the youths constitute the highest of the country’s population. He also challenged the new government to work on the electoral reform as soon as possible. Asked when he is going to register the APP, Mr Beyai said: “Very soon. I have the full backing and the funds are available to do that even tomorrow, but I am still working on the ground to ensure that I fully put together my executive”. He said though Gambians have voted for change, the young people still remain suppressed. “Trust me my system of government is going to be a decentralized system of government where all the regional and administrative areas will come up with their own budget for regional development, and they will come up with their own developmental initiative,” he said. He said if elected, he will organise a press conference each year where all stakeholders will be present to answer questions on their various departments.]]>

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