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Assembly approves D30M budget for meet the people tour

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By Tabora Bojang

A proposal to increase the president’s meet the people tour from D10 million to D30 million has been approved by the National Assembly after a vote and heated debate on Wednesday.
When the budget for the tour was called for consideration during the committee of supply stages, the NAM for Central Baddibu, Sulayman Saho proposed a motion for the budget to be pegged at D15million to help lower budget deficit and avoid insensitive spending.
His motion sparked controversy with majority of lawmakers disagreeing, arguing that the tour is a constitutional mandate and reducing its budget may constrict the president from exercising his constitutional responsibilities.
The Speaker then proposed voting for members to agree or disagree with the proposal to reduce it to D15 million.
Fifteen members, mainly comprising opposition NAMs, voted in support of the motion to reduce the budget while 26 voted against the reduction, maintaining it at D30 million in the 2024 budget as wished by government.

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