Assembly suspends committee meetings to allow 41 NAMs travel abroad

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By Omar Bah

The National Assembly Committees’ chairpersons and their deputies yesterday voted to discontinue all committee activities scheduled for May to allow 41 NAMs to travel to China and other countries.  Yesterday, The Standard, working on a reliable tip, reported that committee meetings could be cancelled because about 40 national assembly members are due to travel overseas.

According to our sources, the majority of the committee chairpersons and their deputies voted to discontinue all committee sittings in May despite some resentment from other members.


Our Sources said apart from the justification to allow the NAMs to travel some of them argued that May will also coincide with campaign and election of mayors and chairpersons.

“Now they will finish up with the sittings they have scheduled for April after which they will suspend everything until June,” our sources said.

The decision is expected to come with implications because there are important bills such as the Anti-Corruption Bill among others to be dealt with in May.

According to our sources, about 25 parliamentarians will be travelling to China on 9 May while 15 or more will be travelling to other countries.