Baby Muhammed’s mother starts explaining son’s tragic fate in court

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By Bruce Asemota

A woman identified as the mother of late Baby Muhammed Mbye and younger sister of two of the accused persons Sainabou Mbye and Cherno Mbye, yesterday testified as the 6th prosecution witness in the ongoing manslaughter trial involving her siblings Sainabou Mbye and Cherno Mbye and one Kimbilly Dembilly, before Justice Ebrima Jaiteh of the High Court in Banjul.

The trio are charged with manslaughter after a child, Baby Muhammed died allegedly after being left in a locked car for hours.


Recounting the incident, the witness said it was sometime in July this year at Sinchu when her family was packing and moving house to Brusubi. “We were all busy packing our belongings. My sister Sainabou Mbye, Cherno Mbye and Kimbilly Dembilly were set to go to take the first trip while I staged to continue packing. When they entered the vehicle and about to go, my son the late Baby Muhammed started crying demanding to follow them and I then put him inside the vehicle and he went with them while I stayed,” she said.

She further explained that in total it was Sainabou Mbye, Cherno Mbye, Kimbilly Dembilly,Sainabou’s two daughters, Fatima and Aisha together with Baby Muhammed who left for Brusubi in a private Nissan car to escort the truck carrying their belongings.

The witness said Cherno Mbye was driving, whilst Sainabou Mbye sat in the front seat, Kimbilly and Sainabou’s two daughters and Baby Muhammed sat in the back seats.

The witness disclosed that when the vehicle came back again for the 2nd time to take the belongings, Kimbilly joined the truck that came to collect the items and she went with Cherno Mbye in the private Nissan car and on getting to Coastal Road, the police stopped them and Kimbilly proceeded with the truck carrying the belongings to Brusubi.

The witness told the court that whilst she was inside the vehicle, Cherno went to talk with the police and when he returned they left for Brusubi.

The witness said upon arrival at the compound in Brusubi, she alighted from the vehicle and entered the compound and saw one Adama Bojang, the fifth prosecution witness carrying Baby Muhammed who was unconscious and soaked with water and there was commotion. ”Then Sainabou Mbye, Cherno and Kimbilly took Baby Muhammed to the Hospital.

Hearing continues today.