Bai Sankareh threatened to kill me — wife tells court


By Amadou Jadama

Amie Baldeh, wife of Ousainou Bai Sankareh, yesterday told a magistrates’ court sitting in Brikama that her husband threatened to kill her.

Bai Sankareh is standing trial on a single count of assault.  He is accused of beating his wife with an iron rod. However, he denied any wrong doing.


Testifying as first prosecution witness before principal magistrate Isatou Darboe, Madam Baldeh identified Bai Sankareh as her husband, being married for 9 years and living in Farato.

“On 13 January 2021, I had a misunderstanding with my co-wife about food. I asked her why she didn’t eat the food but she told me she was okay. We had a dispute and she called Bai Sankareh and told him what happened. I don’t know what else she told him. When he asked me what happened, before I could explain, he gripped my hand and took my mobile phone. He pushed me inside the room and started beating me with an iron rod. I told him you are killing me and he said to me: ‘I will kill you and go to Mile 2,” she told the court.

She continued: “He locked me inside while my child was in the cabin. My whole body was in pain and I had lacerations on my back.

When I wanted to go out to seek medical attention, he threatened to kill me if I even touched the door. I was so afraid. The next day I went to Brikama Health Centre and they examined me. The doctors told me it was serious. They informed the gender unit of the police who came. I was then treated and issued a medical paper.”

The case continues on 2 April.