Bakau elders salute Turo Darboe


By Baba Sillah

Alhaji Sosseh Colley, a resident of Bakau Mamakoto on behalf of the elders, has returned gratitude to Turo Darboe for his generosity and compassion he showed to the Muslim communities in the country during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Turo, through his VDF, has distributed thousands of bags of sugar, rice and bulls across the country.
Speaking to The Standard on behalf of the elders of Bakau Mamakoto and Katchically over the weekend, Mr Colley who walked into the offices of this medium, explained: “Turo Darboe is my nephew whom every Gambian is aware of his generosity and compassion especially to the people of Bakau. Every feast he will call me and give me bags of sugar to distribute among the elders of Bakau. This past Lailatul Qadri [night of power], he telephoned me to go to Abuko Abattoir where he allocated two bulls to the elders of Bakau. I gave one to the Imam Ratib of Bakau, Alhaji Omar Jammeh and the other one was slaughtered and distributed among the people of my area. Turo is a true son of The Gambia who has been showing love and compassion to every Gambian despite ethnicity and religion.”


Mr Colley appealed to the general public to reciprocate and salute Mr Darboe by praying for him saying “the people of Bakau have nothing to pay back Turo Darboe except to thank and pray for him for what he has been doing for the past years.  We pray that Allah reward him for his generosity and compassion he shows to Gambians irrespective of tribe and religion.”