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The Bakau outfit proudly called the Giant Killers by the Daily Observer Sports back in the 90s for their gallant challenge to the dominance of football by Banjul clubs and production of successive generations of brilliant national team players, were last week eliminated from the top league, just a year after becoming champions for the first time.

According to Bojang, there should be a general meeting of Bakau citizens to look at the problems and issues surrounding the declining state of this one time great team. ”We must be frank to each other and take interest in the team as Bakau residents as that is the only way forward,’ ‘he said.

Among some of the things the Bakau people must look at, said Bojang,  is the possibility of attracting back the attention and interest of Bakau’s prominent and important people  in the affairs of the club.モThat is crucial because there is a lack of enthusiasm among some Bakau people on matters of Biko which was not the case in the past,” he said. 

Bojang said the continuous declining of the Biko is unacceptable and cannot continue unchecked. ”We must engage each other in a frank discussion and solve whatever issues there may be that is increasingly affecting the team,” he said.

Three weeks ago, The Standard put the worries of fans to coach Lie Bojang, a respected figure in Bakau and Gambian football  who at the time expressed confidence that the team will not be relegated if the technicians and players give their best and solve their problems at training grounds.  He would now have to play in the second tier of Gambian football for at least one year. Read more on the plight of Biko as The Standard talks to more Bakau people, former and current players and the officials of Biko in coming editions.


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