Bakau woman killed by electric shock

Bakau woman killed by electric shock


By Amadou Jadama

An electric shock has claimed the life of a young woman in Bakau Kachically Saturday evening.

The deceased, Fatou Bojang commonly known as Mbo, is said to be in her thirties.   


Confirming the tragic news to The Standard, Awa Camara, mother-in-law to Fatou, explained the incident: “I came to her in the afternoon to chat. Upon my arrival, while we were sitting outside chatting for a while, she told me she was going to the garden but first went into the bathroom to get her bucket. As she entered, I think she attempted to pick a bucket that has a metal handle and placed around a corrugated iron rounded by an electric wire and it shocked her. I heard her shout once. I then stood under the veranda and then her sister quickly came out looking for help.”

She continued: “I quickly rushed there and I found her lying on the ground. I called her several times but she did not respond.  I touched her leg and the electricity also shocked me. Then I ran out shouting for help. The boys who were standing outside swiftly intervened and put off the meter and took her to the hospital where she was confirmed dead.”

The late Fatou Bojang was described by the neighbours as calm and friendly.

She was laid to rest in Bakau at 2pm yesterday.

She was survived by six children.