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By Omar Bah

Banjul mayor Rohey Lowe has filed a lawsuit against three members of the commission of inquiry into the conduct of local government councils.

The case filed Friday at the Banjul High Court is against the Attorney General Dawda Jallow and commissioners Samba Faal, Oreme Joiner, and Alhagie Sillah.

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According to the affidavit of summon, Mayor Lowe wants the court to declare that the appointment of the former Banjul Mayor Samba Faal, Oreme Joiner and Alhagie Sillah, who are members or sympathisers of the ruling NPP and APRC, violates her right to a fair hearing.

“As such, they would not be independent arbiters in carrying out their mandate under the said commission, particularly with respect to me as a member of the UDP. This would violate my right to a fair hearing,” she submitted.

She disclosed that Oreme Joiner is or was at one time a co-opted member of the NPP regional executive committee which led to the rescinding of his appointment as vice chairperson of the Independent Electoral Commission.

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The Banjul mayor attached a copy of the list of NPP regional executive members in her affidavit.

The Banjul mayor also argued that the commission will obstruct her campaign in the upcoming local government elections.

Mayor Lowe also queried a partisan political statement released by the attorney general reacting to comments made by the UDP leader in a rally in Gunjur.

“So, I believe allowing the commission to carry out its mandate with its present members will infringe on my constitutional right as I prepare to run for re-election in May. It is only proper under the circumstances and in the interest of justice and fair hearing that my application is granted,” she submitted.  

The case is expected to proceed this week.

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