Banjul Mayor vows to fight travel clearance order in court


By Tabora Bojang

Mayor Rohey Lowe of Banjul has declared her council’s intention to legally challenge the continuous usage of  presidential executive orders obliging mayors to seek travel clearance from the Ministry of Local Government and Lands.

Speaking at a BCC town hall meeting at Tobacco road Saturday, Mayor Lowe narrated how she missed a  proposed travel to Liberia because her request to the ministry for clearance was not even acknowledged by the permanent secretary.


“We wrote this request 10 days before the date of my proposed travel to Liberia but the travel date came and passed and until today, we are yet to receive any clearance from the ministry of lands and local government and they did not even acknowledge receipt of our request. I have told the CEO (BCC) that from now on, I am not going to seek any travel clearance from the Ministry because it is not a law and I will not bother myself with anything that is unlawful,” Mayor Lowe said.

The mayor said she has consulted many legal luminaries on such ‘executive orders’ who have all indicated its ‘illegality.’