Barrow and Faal’s declared assets revealed

Barrow and Faal's declared assets revealed


When the UDP leader threw down the gauntlet on Wednesday only one of his rivals, Ismaila Ceesay of CA, picked it up and publicly declared his assets.

On Saturday morning when details of the assets of the political leaders werereleased online by voters who went for the public scrutiny at Election House, a buzz was generated.

People were left gawking when it was claimed that NPP’s President Barrow has D207 million in his and that independent Essa Faal had cash and assets worth over D1 billion.


But according to documents seen by online investigative news site Malagen, the president submitted at least D50.7 million worth of assets; D12.4 million savings at Guaranty Trust Bank; D8.4 million in a business account; D74,603 at Zenith Bank and D117,000 at Mega Bank.

He owns Majum real estate company, 16 vehicles and at least nine properties worth at least D29.5 million


Regarding Essa Faal, many Gambians suspect he might be rich but they didn’t know how rich he was. The celebrity magazine Elegance published on its Facebook page on Saturday that Mr Faal declared three houses worth D6 million, D15 million, D6 million; 2 landed properties worth D14million, D250 million; 2 farms worth D2 million, D3million; 5 vehicles worth D1.4 million, D2.4 million, D1 million, D3 million, D3.8million; US$1.4 in a bank in Senegal; D2 million cash at hand; US$15 million in real estate in Senegal.

These amount to over a billion dalasis. If these figures are right, the renowned international lawyer belongs to an exclusive club of Gambians who can term themselves dalasi billionaires.