Barrow calls for peaceful political campaign


Press release

President Adama Barrow re-echoed his call for peaceful political campaign during engagements with religious and social groups supporting his development plan over the weekend.

On Saturday, 7th August 2021, the President met with Sheriffs and leading Islamic scholars from across the country, urging them to preach peace, unity, and tolerance in society.  President Barrow said religious leaders have a critical role in sustaining peace, stability, and social cohesion. He cited the current political climate as a vital opportunity for religious leaders and scholars to bring the people together by preaching and praying for peace and tolerance during this period. He indicated that research had shown religious leaders and scholars to be the “most respected opinion leaders” in the country.


The President also thanked the delegation for their efforts and contributions to promoting peace and tolerance and reaffirmed his government’s commitment to accomplishing that goal. He also encouraged the Scholars to maintain an open line of communication with the government to foster harmony and enhance coordination.

Sheriff Muhammed Mutarr Hydara delivered the vote of thanks, and stated that the delegation was at the Presidency to express their acknowledgement and appreciation for the President’s continued efforts towards ensuring religious tolerance in The Country. He advised the President to continue to exercise patience, especially during the crucial political period.

Other speakers included the Ministers for Lands, Regional Government and Religious Affairs, Musa Drammeh, the Minister of Information and Communication Infrastructure, Ebrima Sillah and former President of The Gambia Supreme Islamic Council Imam Momodou Lamin Touray. All of them echoed the same message of working together to maintain peaceful coexistence in the country.

In another engagement on Sunday, 8th August 2021, President Barrow had an audience with Senegambians living in The Gambia and women’s groups – Japoh Don Benna, Barrow Sister (alias 21 Sisters) and Team First Lady.  The Gambian President highlighted that there is no winner under a dictatorship, adding that one must be patient, tolerant, and accommodating as a leader. He urged his supporters to focus on the country’s development and urged all Gambians to pray for a peaceful electoral process. “Let us conduct our political activities in peace, during, and after the election, and we look forward to celebrating victory in peace.” President Barrow prayed.

Speaking on citizenship, President Barrow noted that some Gambians have dual citizenships, thus cautioned people to desist from making judgments and profiling people The President appreciated the relationship with Senegal based on shared values assaying that nobody could separate The Gambia and Senegal because they share a lot in common and therefore the citizens of both countries should work for the development of both countries.

Commending Team First Lady group, the president stated that beside every strong man, there is a strong woman,” and was grateful for the Team’s support to complement the efforts of his political wing in addressing social issues.  He congratulated the other women’s groups for their support and urged them to make the best use of the opportunity provided by the Women Enterprise Fund.

He thanked the women for their support, which will propel the NPP to victory in the 4th December 2021 Presidential elections.   He added that the impressive participation of women in the voter registration process indicates women’s commitment to politics. President Barrow then reiterated his government’s commitment to the socio-economic transformation of the country beyond 2021.

Various speakers, including Abubacarr Njie, Fatou Ceesay-Gillen, Ndey Mbye, and Pa Fatty, cited peace and development as reasons for supporting President Barrow and his party.  The Executive members of the National People’s Party –NPP, Honourable Ebrima Sillah, Dr Sabally, and Honourable Seedy Njie shared the various development projects under President Barrow leadership. They called on Gambians to vote for development by supporting President Barrow.