BARROW CONFIDENT OF VICTORY As he returns to rousing welcome

BARROW CONFIDENT OF VICTORY As he returns to rousing welcome


By Omar Bah

President Adama Barrow has said the rousing welcome he got on his return from rural Gambia Sunday is an indication that Gambians trust him to continue.

“I think Gambians have spoken loud and clear that they want to continue with President Barrow. I sensed that throughout the tour; people appreciated what we have been doing for the past five years and I think Gambians have decided today, finally,” he told reporters at State House.


He added: “We will still continue with the campaign aggressively because we want to garner support from every corner.

“I have offered a lot of opportunities for Gambians but my main focus and direction everybody knows is infrastructural development because without infrastructure, one cannot develop a country. If you want to develop the health sector, there must be infrastructure, energy, there must be infrastructure,” he said.

Thousands of Gambians lined up the streets on Sunday to give Barrow a rousing welcome after a two-week campaigning in rural Gambia. It took the NPP entourage over 14 hours to travel from Kalaji to Banjul.

The Gambian leader arrived at State House at around 2:46am Monday.

“I urge all the opposition to join me if they are interested in building this country and stop seeking their own interest because everything they intend to do for the Gambia I am doing it. If what the opposition leaders are saying is real in them, then why not join my party? Peace is our concern and we must embrace the peace we have in the country,” he said.

The president assured Gambians that he will never undermine the country’s democracy.

“I am a different politician. My mission is to develop this country and make it like Dubai in a few years. I will work tirelessly to re-unite the people of this land because we have been divided for many years. Let’s work hard and minimize the talk,” he said.

The president, accompanied by leaders of parties and independents backing his NPP, spent twelve days interacting with the electorate in rural Gambia.