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Barrow extols massive crowds at NPP Banjul and Foni rallies

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By Tabora Bojang

President Adama Barrow has expressed delight at the massive turn out at both the youth and political rallies staged by the NPP in Banjul and Foni Bondali over the weekend.

Writing on his official Facebook page, President Barrow said: “It was a joyous moment to see the excellent turnout at the NPP Bondali rally on Saturday despite the rain earlier in the day. I swore to serve all Gambians without discrimination. That is why Foni has benefited from our development plan, including the construction of feeder roads and support for women’s gardens while Farmers have benefited from the subsidised fertilizer and the COVID-19 support. I assure you that the communities in Foni will continue to be part of our development endeavours and will have access to electricity by 2023.

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I thank Foni National Assembly Members for cooperation in supporting bills my government had presented despite not being in the same party with us. Come 2021 presidential election campaign, no matter how many candidates there are, I will be the only one accountable to Gambians.

My advice to the NPP supporters is to focus on clean and decent politics because we are confident that the Gambian voters will vote for us. Let us not allow opponents to distract us from discussing our achievements and future programmes and policies”.

Speaking at Bondali, Barrow said the National Assembly members whose campaign he sponsored have crossed over to pose the greatest opposition to his development projects in the National Assembly.

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Addressing the natives of Foni, the region of exiled former president Yahya Jammeh, President Barrow stated that the December election will present a “make or break” for the Gambia to be decided by the youths.

 He said the warm receptions demonstrated to him by the people of Foni are an indication of their readiness to work with the National People’s Party. “This is why you stayed for this meeting despite its lateness and the rains. We the NPP are different from other parties. We are the only party where the young succeed the old, not the old taking over from the young. The hypocrites who wanted to sow discord between me and the people of Foni are shamed today if they have to see what is happening here. Allah does not support hypocrites. I am the president for all Gambians and people of Foni are part of my bigger family,” the president said.

 On the youth rally, President Barrow said he is grateful to the thousands of young people who flocked to Banjul on Friday to show their support for his government and the National People’s Party.

“My administration places a high premium on the education and advancement of young people. To this end, we have made significant investments in education as a foundation for young people’s bright futures. During my administration, we have built around 3000 classrooms and constructed 1000 quarters for teachers’ housing across the country.

Additionally, my government is building technical and vocational training institutions to empower young people to enhance their lives and engage in meaningful jobs.

I have faith in the young of this nation, and I am convinced that young people around the country will replicate the support the youths of the West Coast Region and KM have shown,” the president said on his Facebook page.

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