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Barrow: Gambia grateful for 70 years of MRC

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By Omar Bah

President Adama Barrow in a statement read on his behalf by the tourism minister Hamat Bah praised the Medical Research Council the Gambia for its unrivalled contribution in the country’s health sector.
The British research unit is marking 70 years of work in The Gambia.

Barrow said thanks to MRC’s intervention, the prevalence of malaria parasite in children less than five years of age has decreased significantly from 4 percent to 0.2 percent since 2011.
“We could not have achieved this without the support of MRC. The Gambia will continue to be world class example of what can be achieved through supporting research to reduce the effects of malaria and other diseases,” Barrow said.

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“The contribution of this institution to the health of our nation throughout the years is difficult to quantify but we know it has been immense. The research they have carried out has without doubt saved the lives of many Gambians and extended the lives of many more,” he added
MRC, Barrow said is the country’s second largest employer with more than 1,200 people working for the institution across the country.

“MRC field stations in Basse, Keneba, Farafenni and its head office in Fajara have collaborated with our local health centres to deliver high quality and impactful research over the years,” he added.
The President said MRC contributed positively to the Gambia’s economy and as well serves as a source of great opportunities for the country’s young people.
He said it is thanks to MRC that the influence of The Gambia has expanded throughout West Africa.

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