‘Barrow is betrayed by people he rescued from jail’


By Omar Bah

Dodou Sanno, a close aide of President Barrow has disclosed that the very people Barrow saved from jail have betrayed him. He did not give any names but he was speaking at the opening of the new Barrow Youth for National Development office in KMC Saturday.
Sano further stated those people will not get want they wish for. “We were the very people who were suffering aiming to change the leadership of the country and now that we are in power, we should enjoy it. How can someone save you from the hands of a lion and you in turn betray that person,“ he asked.

Sano further disclosed that all those sacked from the UDP should realise that they have left the gate of suffering for the gate of blessing.
He added: “We want to call on you to be united and not insult anyone. And those sacked from UDP, starting from the campaign manager to chairman and others, I want to tell you that President Barrow is with you.”
Turning his attention to the new office, Sanno said the bureau will the national office of the Barrow Youth for National Development adding that they have already paid for it. “We want the president to remove his hand from it,” he concluded.