Barrow is surrounded by wolves in sheep’s clothing – Sillaba Samateh


By Olimatou Coker

Business tycoon Sillaba Samateh, a devoted supporter of NPP, has told The Standard that there are lots of wolves in sheep’s clothing surrounding President Adama Barrow.

He said those individuals are there for “just personal gains and enrichment and have no interest in the development of the country.”


“I am telling you that these kinds of people, their day-to-day dealing at the presidency is just to mislead and corrupt the system, misguiding the president just to have money to use for their personal interest and not in the interest of the president or the state. We now recognise such corrupt people and they know themselves. They must stop misleading the president for personal gains and stop fighting against patriotic citizens,” Sillaba said in a recent interview with The Standard.

Samateh further stated that leaders should be supported to realise their development targets and secure a better future for the younger generation, security and wellbeing of the citizenry, and not to corrupt or mislead leaders just to get money.

“Some of these so-called corrupt supporters of Barrow are only there to enrich themselves and have no interest in the country’s development. Every time they would make budget or claims for themselves and try to get big money from Barrow and this money will not reach the people they claimed to have recruited or the new supporters of the president they claimed cross-carpeted from other political parties. Some of them tell lies to the political advisers on the pretext of conducting a meeting with some groups somewhere and demanding a huge budget,” Sillaba said.

He said these fraudsters will stand on their ground to fight anyone who is ready to reveal their dirty dealings to the leadership or put an end to such practices.

 “They will try all means to push genuine people out who are willing to help develop the country. You cannot support the president just by going to the State House to make a budget. If you want to support the president, you should support him with your development ideas, wealth, power”, he warned.