Barrow meets new Senegalese foreign minister


President Adama Barrow yesterday received a special envoy from his Senegalese counterpart, President Macky Sall. Senegalese Foreign Minister Sidiki Kaba delivered a special message to President Barrow, reiterating President Sall’s commitment to the spirit of friendliness and good neighborliness between The Gambia and Senegal. The message also included a formal introduction of Foreign Minister Kaba to the Gambian leader. Mr Kaba was appointed Foreign Minister last month, prior to which he was Senegal’s Justice Minister.

Mr Kaba and President Barrow discussed a series of bilateral issues to further cement the friendly ties between the two countries. President Barrow expressed gratitude to the Senegalese leader and his people for their contribution in making the change and freedom possible in the New Gambia. He commended the positive role President Sall continues to play in building confidence and strengthening their cordial relationship.

President Barrow said he and his Senegalese counterpart would continue to consult one another and engage in dialogue over issues. He called on both countries to work towards being a model of regional integration by facilitating free trade across their borders. In March this year, The Gambia and Senegal signed several cooperation agreements to promote trade, fisheries, peace and security for the mutual benefit of the two Gambian and Senegalese people.


Presenting a piece of African art to President Barrow, Minister Kaba said the choice of artwork was a representation of the freedom Mr Barrow brought to the people of The Gambia, and the pride that Africa derived from such achievement.

Gambian Foreign Minister Ousainou Darbo, the Senegalese Ambassador to The Gambia, Salieu Ndiaye and other senior officials from The Gambia and Senegal attended the meeting.
Mr Sidiki Kaba is a human rights activist who has held several ministerial portfolios before his recent appointment as Foreign Affairs Minister. With his legal background, he is known to have committed his career to promoting women and political rights, as well as freedom of the Press in Senegal and beyond.
Source: State House