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Barrow phoned opposition leaders

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By Aisha Tamba

President Barrow surprised his opposition leaders on Tobaski day with a spontaneous telephone call. Though details of his conversation with the political leaders have not been disclosed Presidential Adviser Dodou Sanno confirmed to The Standard that the president exchanged pleasantries with them on the occasion of the holy day as well as expressed his recognition of the role of the political leaders in the development of the country and reconciliation. ”Barrow was delighted to exchange greetings, prayers and ideas with the opposition leaders on the common interest to make Gambia a very safe, peaceful and united nation.
The president spoke to his political father Ousainu Darboe who was equally happy to have received a call from his son. Both men prayed for the peace and unity of the country and the subregion,” Mr Sanno told The Standard. He said the president extended similar messages to the rest of the opposition leaders who were all delighted to have received a call from him.

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