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By Tabora Bojang

President Adama Barrow’s use of a scheduled flight to Tunisia to attend the Tokyo International Conference of African Development, TICAD8, has won admiration from many quarters who said he is now serious about cutting cost for the country in thise trying terms. Pictures of the president mingling with passengers as he moved to his seat on the Royal Air Maroc flight were widely circulated.

The NAM for Serekunda West, Madi Ceesay commended the president for coming to the realisation that things ‘cannot be as usual in these difficult economic periods.’


“I think it is a good move. Travelling by scheduled flights instead of chartered flights will save the country a lot of money but he should not only stop at using scheduled flights but should reduce the size of his entourage and also limit his travels. We are faced with serious challenges and our economy is not growing. He should only travel when it is very necessary and in the best interest of the state. That is what will save our money and save us from unwise spendings”, Hon Ceesay said.

However, Mr Ceesay is of the opinion that the president is too late in realising that he needs to make his travels cheaper for the state coffers.

“If he had a good vision and was economically aware of the situation of the country, he would have done this earlier but I will still commend him and urge him to remain economically sensitive to the realities of our economy, in his second term,” NAM Ceesay stated.