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Saturday, October 23, 2021

Barrow returns to a tumultuous welcome

President Adama Barrow yesterday arrived back in Banjul at the end of the provincial leg of his meet-the-people tour which continues in the coming days. The president was welcomed by thousands of supporters clad in his NPP party colours, singing and dancing in long columns.

On the tenth day of the tour, in Jirof and Soma, President Barrow called for unity among Gambians in order to develop the country, arguing that the country can only be developed when we have peace and unity among the people.

“Only unity will serve our common good. Let’s come together and move this country forward,” he said.

Earlier in the day, President Barrow laid the foundation stone for the expansion of the School for Community Health Nursing in Mansakonko. The expansion will increase the number of student intakes and build dormitories for accommodation.

The president also visited the OMVG hydroelectricity substation in Soma due to be inaugurated next month. He proceeded to Jali, Kiang West, where he also laid the foundation stone for a health centre, and assured the people of his commitment to serve their interest.

Accident at Sankandi

“Meanwhile, President Adama Barrow has been briefed about an unfortunate accident in Sankandi on Thursday morning.

A military truck hit a police checkpoint at the Sankandi police station and entered a compound, injuring six people including a pregnant woman and a security officer who were rushed to the Bwiam hospital.

President Barrow extends his concern and wishes them a speedy recovery,” a statement on the State House Facebook said.

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