Says he will set up a foundation

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By Lamin Cham

President Adama Barrow has said when he leaves office, he would dedicate his life to doing social service through a foundation he would set up. He said he has even started identifying staff for the foundation.


He also revealed that his next accommodation after leaving office would soon be constructed.

 The president made these revelations while driving home a point that there was absolutely no need for anyone to engage in maligning him or accusing him of every evil or trying to make people angry about him just because they want to be in government.

“There is no need for that and those who do that must not be in a hurry because at some stage I would leave office just as presidents Jawara and Jammeh before me. But what I want is for citizens to join me so that I work and leave behind a strong legacy,” the president told the Muslim leaders who came to State House for the traditional Koriteh courtesy call.

Commenting on concerns about social media messaging, the president lamented that there exists a small minority who are bent fermenting trouble on social media including deliberately maligning him. ”They would even go around taking pictures of people’s houses claiming I own those houses. And often many of them are worthless bunches who cannot even break an egg,” he said.

The president said some of those same critics have always doubted the projects he started in Banjul and the Bertil Harding Highway. “I always tell the doubters to wait until the projects have taken up shape,” he said.

The president said his hopes are that his successor would be as tolerant as he is because ‘this country is small but hard to run. ” I think we have proven our democratic credentials adequately in many aspects, especially in press freedom. This is why the Gambia is approved by President Biden to be included in the Millennium Challenge Corporation, MCC agreement,” the president said. He expressed delight at receiving the Muslim leaders at such an event which he said dated back to colonial days. “This meeting is historically very important and it is a culture that runs from a very long time. In fact, the colonialists who were not even Muslims started it,” he said. The President said he considers himself as a humble person who comes from a tiny village of not more than 30 compounds to be privileged to be head of state. “That is only possible through God’s handiwork for only God can give such privileges to human beings,” President Barrow said. The president’s speech came after several Muslim leaders led by Supreme Islamic Council president Sheikh Essa Darboe prayed for unity and peace in the country.

The president said there is a need for Muslims to unite on occasions like the Eid and follow the guidance of the Muslim leaders. ‘The Supreme Islamic Council is the guidance of Islam in this country and this is why even myself I waited for their announcement on the sighting of the moon. If we all follow the leaders in our religion, we shall continue to have peace,” he said. Barrow advised all Gambians to nurture peace.