Barrow tells Gambians to quit divisive politics and hate speech


By Omar Bah

In what is considered one of his most unifying speeches, President Adama Barrow on Monday evening called on Gambians to quit divisive politics and hate speech to join hands in moving the country forward.

In an address made in the aftermath of the National Assembly elections, the president congratulated Gambians and all stakeholders including the IEC and security services on the successful and peaceful conclusion of the National Assembly elections held last Saturday.


“It is now time to put behind us the divisive politics and hate speeches that seem to divide the nation. This is the time to re-energise ourselves for nation building so that every citizen becomes a winner. As mature and cultured people, we must realise that, once elections end, we are duty-bound to unite and serve the country as one people,” the president said.

The Gambian leader said regardless of the results of the elections, the affairs of the entire country and the welfare of every citizen and resident will remain central in his concerns and focus. “Hand in hand, let us all move on,” he said.

He said the outcome of the elections clearly demonstrates that the country’s democracy is thriving.

“It was another test of the credibility and viability of our institutions and the mechanisms and processes we are strongly determined to safeguard and strengthen. To our credit, as Gambians, we have got over the event with remarkable success,” Barrow said. 

He said the aspirations of the country “can be achieved much faster if we work as a united force”.

“In doing so, we need to be service-oriented and committed to the betterment of the people, strive to advance and strengthen our democracy, and observe the principles of peace and justice for all. These are essential elements for good governance and progress, which we cannot ignore,” Barrow said.