Student massacre survivor tells gov’t to end 22-year wait for justice


By Omar Bah

A survivor of the April 10/11 2000 shooting, Abdou Karim Jammeh, has renewed his calls for justice 22 years after the horrific killings of dozens of student demonstrators by soldiers.

“I and my colleagues and the victims’ families have been crying for justice since 2001 but to no avail. Victims’ families and survivors suffered for far too long and we were used as campaign tools to change the regime but now we are left behind,” he told The Standard.


Jammeh, whose fights for justice dated back to former president Jammeh’s days, said the government’s failure to scrap the Public Order Act and the Indemnity Act is a betrayal to the victims.

“The Coalition 2016 used the victims to campaign but five years along the line all we get is disappointment. We feel betrayed and the dream for justice looks bleak every passing day,” he said.

Jammeh said despite efforts made by the TRRC to airlift people like him to Turkey for treatment with the support of the Turkish Government, he still feels serious pain.

“I will continue to fight for my fellow victims because if I stop fighting, they will not forgive, so no one can silence me,” he added.

He expressed disappointment over the IEC’s decision to hold the parliamentary elections during the weekend of April 10/11.

“When it comes to the victims, they don’t care,” he said.