Barrow: undivided int’l support saved The Gambia


President Adama Barrow has made an historic appearance at the 72nd UN General Assembly as the third president of the Gambia with a call for preventive diplomacy, which helped save the Gambia from chaos.
“The recent political crisis that took place in my country created a new democratic beginning and the experience taught us useful lessons that Gambians will not easily forget. We learnt that will power and national unity, decisive regional intervention as well as undivided and clear support of the international community could produce positive outcomes. Also of importance, was the coordinated international action inspired by our common values of solidarity, democracy, respect for human rights and the rule of law which was critical in sending the right message to the former President to respect the will of the people and leave without bloodshed,” the president said.
The full statement is reproduced on page 5.