Jaliba Kuyateh misses Hajj


By Omar Wally

Jaliba Kuyateh, The Gambia’s greatest Kora musician who last month announced his intention to go to Makkah for the Hajj, did not after all perform pilgrimage this year.
According to reports, Jaliba left The Gambia for Germany in August for his European tour after which he planned to proceed to Saudi Arabia. However according to him his flight from Germany to Saudi Arabia was scheduled for August 27, but a day before his departure, Germany closed their airport for Hajj flights.
”I wanted to go through Egypt but later I resigned to the fact that the trip is not ordained by God because when I was leaving, I had everything intact,” Jaliba said. He added that he had intended to perform the Hajj over the past five years but it’s not been possible for now. “By the grace of God I will perform the Hajj for myself and hopefully for my late parents too,” Jaliba said. Sourced: Fatu Network