Barrow urged to stop Senegalese forces confiscating timber


By Olimatou Coker

The Gambia Democratic Congress leader, Mamma Kandeh, has urged the government to ask Senegalese forces stationed in Foni to stop confiscating timber from Gambians.

Addressing party delegates in Farafenni on Saturday, Kandeh said: “If President Adama Barrow fails to stop the activities of the Senegalese forces, he should come out and tell Gambians what agreement he had with Senegal to warrant their soldiers to confiscate timber from Gambians on Gambian soil.”


“It is unfair for our citizens to invest their hard-earned money just for it to be confiscated by Senegalese. This doesn’t happen anywhere in the world. If two governments felt the need to stop the importation of timber, they should discuss that among themselves because Senegal has no right to come to Gambia and confiscate timber from our people. It is disrespectful and should not be condoned by any responsible government,” he said.

The GDC leader urged President Barrow to stop bragging about implementing Jammeh’s projects and address the issues affecting Gambians.

“This government has a lot of mess to address … we are no more secure. There is robbery everywhere. These are issues that his government should concentrate on and address,” he said.

He said the Barrow administration should address the country’s depilated health sector, rising market prices, unemployment and plight of farmers. 

The one-time lawmaker advised Barrow to facilitate the departure of Ecomig and allow Gambian security forces to take over the country’s security.

Kandeh said despite the presence of Ecomig forces the country continues to face security challenges.

He challenged the Ministry of the Interior and the National Assembly to tell Gambians the reason the government should accept Ecomig to be transformed into a police unit.