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‘Barrow will commit political suicide if…’

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By Omar Bah Omar Beyai, the ActionAid worker who has been flirting with setting up a political party, has commented on the public spat between President Barrow and his former United Democratic Party. Speaking in a Standard exclusive, Beyai said the president will “commit political suicide if he betrays” the UDP and the Coalition Agreement as he will “lose widespread support and the confidence of the public”. He explained: “The differences between the UDP and President Barrow will in no doubt seriously affect the day-to-day running of the government. The UDP as we speak, dominate the cabinet and parliament. It is either for them to come together or he sacks all the detractors.” Mr Beyai said with its majority in the National Assembly, the president will make a “grave mistake” if he “frustrates the UDP leadership”. Volunteering advice, he said Adama Barrow “has the chance to be a hero forever if he puts aside his political ambitions and hold onto the agreement that brought him to power”. He added: “I have no problem with him forming a political party. But we want him to address the real issues, because if the headlock continues, the country will suffer. I will urge him to swallow his pride and embrace his Coalition partners to ensure cohesion in the government. “President Barrow is a transitional president. He should resign in 2019. Politics is not about sainthood. He is independent and has the right to join any other political party of his choice or form a new party. But the truth is, we do not want him to fail. These are real issues he should be aware of and fix.” Beyai said although the advantages of incumbency in African political settings cannot be ignored, Barrow should not be swayed by the inherent pitfall that lurks for him were he to decide otherwise. He said President Barrow needs the backing of the UDP parliamentarians and coalition partners.]]>

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