By Omar Bah

The spokesman of the Coalition 2016 Campaign in the West Coast Region Essa Dampha has rubbished any suggestion that President Adama Barrow is planning to form his own political party to contest the next presidential election.
The Brikama-based politician said people should stop confusing the Barrow Youth Movement for National Development with a political party and using it as a campaign against the President because the movement is only focused on development.
Dampha told The Standard in an exclusive Tuesday: “It is equally not true that Barrow has had discussions or whatsoever with the APRC in his plan to form a political party, because it is not even remotely conceivable that Barrow will work with the APRC to form a party.”
Dampha said President Barrow’s meeting with the APRC could only be because he wants Gambians together under one umbrella irrespective of their party affiliation to focus on national development.



Coalition still intact
The Coalition man also said although there was a reshuffle in the government that does not mean the Coalition members have fallen apart because none of them have come openly to declare that they have left the Coalition.


Ismail Ceesay
On political analyst Dr Ismaila Ceesay’s recent comments that prolonging Barrow’s stay in power could usher in another dictatorship, Dampha said Dr Ceesay should tell Gambians whether he is a member of the opposition or an impartial political commentator.
He said Dr Ceesay as a political commentator should balance in his criticism “because even the ignorant are aware that this government is going in the right path.”