‘Barrow will remain president until he chooses to quit’


By Amadou Jadama

The national campaign manager, National Peoples Party, has told a rally in Bundung that President Barrow will remain president until he wishes to hand over because this was destined by God.

Lamin Cham, who is hardly heard on political platforms, added that none of the many political players in the field currently can match President Barrow.


“Gambians have to take a lesson from the cases of former presidents Jawara and Jammeh. When Jawara was coming, he was not having a party, rather, people formed a party and brought him to lead and all his subsequent opponents failed to unseat him at the polls until an unknown Yahya Jammeh unexpectedly came to unseat him.  Jammeh too stayed here with none of his opponents able to remove him until Adama Barrow came unexpectedly to unseat him,” Cham told his audience. The NPP campaign manager said people have to accept it is God who make leaders, and only he determines how and for how long such leaders will stay.

“We should therefore accept that it’s Adama Barrow who is our leader today and is destined by God,” he said.

 Mr Cham added that President Barrow’s intention is to leave a good legacy and he is on that track.

“Since he came to power, he has been building roads and bridges across the country. When the Banjul road project is done, the next place is KM including Bundung,” Cham said.

Cham said Bundung is like a home to him where he started his political career at a time when it was very hard to talk politics. “I am grateful that now I am able to return to Bundung while in government,” he said.

 Mr Cham further called on political players and supporters to maintain peace and calm as politics is not about violence but a battle to serve the people better.