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Barrrow attacks opposition at Wellingara rally


By Tabora Bojang

President Adama Barrow has taken a swipe at the opposition, which he described as falling into three categories.

He explained: “One of the categories are those who fled this country when things were very tough only for them to return when I became president.  The second category includes people who ran and hide under their beds when we were in the fight and when the fight was over, they scrambled and started making noise today while the last category are the ones who I and others have been pushing from behind for 22 years but they never got anywhere. They are still being pushed but those vehicles carrying them could not and cannot start and there is no mechanic in this country that can repair them.”

Barrow also called on his supporters to remain forward thinking and not allow themselves to be deceived by those who want to derail the country by going into its past.

“The past will always remain the past. What is more important now is to focus on the future and be forward-thinking. That is why we [NPP] merged with parties like the APRC and others to achieve that drive.  So don’t look back,” he urged supporters.

The president said his opponents have now ceased saying that he does not have supporters after they realised that a “bag of salt is heavy.”

“When this tour entered Kombo starting from Brikama, it silenced them and social media went into a funeral,” Barrow claimed.

 He said that with the coming of the APRC and PPP to the Barrow bandwagon coupled with his 5 years’ experience in office “hopes are bright for the future” of The Gambia.

“I have with me the 30 years experience of the PPP, 22 years experience of the APRC, and my own 5 years’ experience, combining this wealth of experience we can achieve whatever we want for the development of this country. This is why when I heard people, including highly educated Gambians, ranting about governance, I felt sorry for them because they have no clue about how a state is governed. If they should come to occupy the presidency, they will have to go back to class and spend many years before they understand how a country is administered. In fact, if they come to that place it is going to be President Barrow who will teach them. Let them continue talking. We are in a democracy. They can go to any TV or radio station and castigate the person of President Barrow but I don’t mind them because they have woefully failed.”

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