Bass warns party leaders, supporters against compromising peace


By Amadou Jadama

Former APRC enthusiast Basiru Gassama has called on the political leaders to caution their supporters to jealously guard peace and tranquillity of the country by refraining from “politics of insult and castigations.”

Mr Gassama, who walked into the offices of The Standard, said: “We are in an era of election and we have seen other nations in the world how they were spoiled because of the elections. So our political leaders in the country should talk to their supporters to stay away from politics of insult and castigation. I denounce the politics of insult since I stood for APRC against NADD in 2005, and I am still denouncing it.


Politics should never divide us. The Gambia is a one family state, because we marry each other and attend each other’s ceremonies. If you look at social media today, we are insulting each other and our parents, which should not be done. Politics comes and goes and the leaders too, but our relationships always remain and The Gambia as well.”

He said The Gambia should teach other countries in the world about peace and democracy. He added that there is no development can take place in any country in the world when there is no peace. “We all need peace and we can get peace through tolerance and The Gambia is bigger than everybody.

“I am very pleased and happy, and I am urging all Gambians despite which political party you belong to and the ethnic groups, we should jealously guard peace and tranquillity which we are enjoying in the country. We should respect each other’s opinions, but there should not be a politics of insults and other illegal things which are not necessary,” he urged.

Mr Gassama, who is also a former APRC divisional youth adviser for KM, expressed his dissatisfaction over the low turnout of the youth folks in the ongoing voter registration process in the country. He further called on the youth who are eligible to come out and register, as they are the cream of the society.

On the issue of the security, he posited that everybody should be a police officer for the security of the country., adding that if the country is safe, it would be better for everybody. He added that the criminals are lodged in our own compounds, and therefore, we should be friendly with the security officers and giving them the reliable information.

He commended the party agents, IEC staff and the officers who were attached to Bakau New Town registration centre for cooperating with the people during the course of the registration.