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Bateau Le Jola disaster Commemorated in Basori


A Qur’anic recitation led by grand marabout Alhaji  Yusupha Darboe was held to offer prayers for the deceased who were buried in Basori. 

The president of the Senegalese association in Brikama ,Mamadou Mbenga said: “Today marks 12 year since Le Jola capsized in the sea. We gather today to remember and pray for those who lost their lives in the tragedy. The victims involved are Gambians, Senegalese, Guineans and other nationals. I was also at sea when the accident happened  and  when I came onto the shore I found that the rescuers had already pulled out scores of dead bodies on some of whom they found a lot money and documents. 

Those victims who were found with their documents were taken to the security officers and the Senegalese High Commission to write their names. Since this incident happened The Gambia government has given all necessary support to them.  The Gambian and Senegalese government made a great effort at the time of the incident. The current president of Senegal, Maxcky Sall, while he was the prime minister, visited the place where the dead bodies were buried”.

The public relations officer of the Senegalese association, Alagie Sallah expressed gratitude to the people of Bassor for their contributions to the commemoration while expressing similar thanks to the Gambia government with particular mention of the Fire and Rescue Services.

 Alhaji Yusupha Daboe, the caliph of Basori advised people to continue praying for the victims for Allah to grant them mercy.


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