BB says ‘patriotic’ Gambians should join in flushing out Barrow

BB says 'patriotic' Gambians should join in flushing out Barrow


By Olimatou Coker

GFA party leader BB Dabo has urged all “patriotic” Gambians to band together and deny incumbent president Adama Barrow a second term.

Mr Dabo, a former vice president, made this call in a statement released as he sets off on an election campaign tour with the UDP, whose candidate Ousainu Darboe, he opted to endorse after cancelling his own bid to seek the presidency.


In the statement, Mr Dabo argued: “The stakes could not be higher for the country, in terms of the overarching objective of preventing President Barrow from continuing and consolidating the rejected APRC system and policies of former dictator Yahya Jammeh.

“Cognisant of the critical importance of the December 4, 2021 presidential election, and given the fact that the incumbent, President Adama Barrow, disregarded the welfare and interests of Gambians during his term of office, due largely to his inexperience and inability to deliver for the people, all progressive forces must join hands to remove him and change the system for a better Gambia.

“It is widely acknowledged that we have a very bad electoral system, primarily because it was perversely manipulated by former dictator Yahya Jammeh to serve his purposes GFA is strongly convinced and urges all progressive forces that want to bring about the desired changes in the country, to come together to defeat the incumbent. That should be a patriotic duty for all Gambians irrespective of party affiliation, knowing that President Barrow will stop at nothing to remain in power. Therefore, GFA and UDP encourage all Gambians to join this worthy fight for our country.”