‘Be constructive members of the Credit Union’—CDS tells soldiers

'Be constructive members of the Credit Union'—CDS tells soldiers


By Aisha Tamba

The Chief of Defence Staff of The Gambia Armed Forces Yakuba Drammeh has called on serving soldiers to aspire to become constructive members of the army’s Cooperative Credit Union.

The Gambia Armed Forces Cooperative Credit Union over the weekend held its second Annual General Meeting under the theme: Fulfilling members’ financial needs and balancing the impact of Covid-19.


Addressing the gathering, CDS Drammeh said since the inception of the Armed Forces Cooperative Credit Union in 2008, the union registered significant gains. “I have always been a constructive member of the union and I urge you all to be constructive members of the armed forces Cooperative Credit Union.

“There is no doubt that it would be the fastest-growing cooperative credit union. Let us see the possibility of how we can explore attracting more members. The tendency is that we could become one of the finest and the greatest credit unions in this country. I have no doubt that we can achieve it.”

Lieutenant John Sambou, treasurer of the GAFCCU, said the membership of the credit union 2020 statistics is 6,090 comprising 5,590 males and 500 females.

He added that GAFCCU has D90,080,273 as savings from 1st January to 31st December 2020, and D40,831,851 was disbursed as loans to members and D13,523,964.31 as withdrawal to members.

Lt Colonel Abdoulie Manneh, chairman of the armed forces cooperative credit union board of directors, said the union is working on setting standards and that it even recently built a website for members to have access to information, download and withdraw forms and check their loans and saving balances. “Basically, we want to go digital in terms of our operations. The good news is that it is fully ready, and the online service is completed,” he said.