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Beneficiaries hail Nafa project


By Olimatou Coker

Beneficiaries of the Nafa project have hailed the social support and cash transfer initiative as a way of promoting peace and stability.

The beneficiaries made these acknowledgements during a nationwide enrolment programme targeting extreme poor households.

Amie Mbye and Ndey Faal from Dibba Kunda Wolof in the North Bank Region, welcomed the project with much enthusiasm and expressed their gratitude to NaNa and its implementing partners and donors for the intervention.

They said the outbreak of the Covid-19 brought about unprecedented challenges to their lives and livelihoods hence the timely involvement of the Nafa programme.

Prior to the disbursement of the cash, the beneficiaries were trained on effective cash management.

Mrs Mbye said the project helps maintain peace and stability in the country.

“If there is nothing in the house, people become angry at each other. But the money helped to prevent such tensions and helped maintain peace in our communities,” she said.

Another recipient Ndey Faal urged fellow beneficiaries to put the money to gainful use.

She disclosed that the project will also help them create backyard gardens, as well as venture into the rearing of small ruminants.

NaNA field officer for North Bank Region, Yusupha Jawo, disclosed that a total of 60 beneficiaries have been registered.

He said local people were engaged to ensure that the needy and deserving households benefit from the grants.

“We are encouraging men to empower women to be the principal drivers of cohesive social and behavioural orientation that promotes peaceful coexistence. We feel that women are compassionate and patient and that they are more enthusiastic when it comes to health and education for the family and this is why experts focus on women as social and behavioural change communication tool.

Ms Ida Joof from the Department of Social Welfare informed the beneficiaries that the money is not meant for individuals but the entire household.

She noted that the project intends to lift the vulnerable families out of poverty.

Ousman Dem, programme manager at NaNA said the Nafa programme focuses on social and behavioural change community and cash transfer.

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