Army warns against use of military gears by civilians


The Gambia Armed Forces has urged non-military personnel and entities to immediately desist from the uncontrolled usage of military gears in public.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, the army said the wanton abuse of the use of military camouflage, combat boots and caps in public poses a security challenge to military.

The full statement is reproduced below:


“The Gambia Armed Forces has observed with great concern the authorised importation, sale as well as uncontrolled usage of military items such as uniforms, jackets, boots and caps by some individuals and or entities.

Similarly, the use of these military-related fabrics has been seen online on several instances that are inimical to the normal military associable functions lest issues of impersonation become all the more present.

It should be emphasised that the wanton abuse of the use of military camouflage, combat boots and caps in public presents security challenges to the armed and security services.

This development is therefore unfortunate and dangerous precedent and if left unchecked could be used beyond measure by organised criminal gangs and unscrupulous individuals not only to impersonate members of the armed forces but also to perpetrate crimes within the community.

It may be instructive to note that it is prohibited under Section 169 subsection 1, 2 and 3 of the Criminal Code, Laws of The Gambia to use and engage in the importation and sale of military uniforms and regalia without authority. Therefore, individuals and businesses involved in the use, importation and sale of military stores are advised to comply with this advisory to avoid confiscation and possible legal action.

The Gambia Armed Forces wishes to further reiterate its commitment to maintaining the peace and security of this country and therefore would not compromise on any issue that has the potential to threaten national security.

A grace period of one week commencing from Wednesday 29 June to Wednesday 6 July 2022 is therefore granted in good faith for all those concerned to comply accordingly. The cooperation of the general public is herewith duly sought.”