Bensouda says he has not declared intention to become UDP flagbearer

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By Amadou Jadama in Jangjanbureh

The mayor of Kanifing Municipality, Talib Ahmed Bensouda, has said he has not expressed intention to become the flag bearer of the United Democratic Party in the 2026 presidential election.

Mr Bensouda, who retained his position as the National Organizing Secretary of the UDP at last weekend’s congress in Jangjanbureh, was speaking to reporters about his much-rumoured ambition to replace Darboe as party leader.


“No, I don’t.  Our party leader is still in tact and still active and has not shown any signal that he is going to leave at any point in time. But if an opportunity arises, I would then state my intention at that point in time, but as of now, no,” Bensouda said.

Mayor Bensouda admitted that he is aware of such rumours but he is not surprised because that is the nature politics.

“In politics, people speculate and analyse one’s movement and try to create a trend. It is the nature of politics,” he said.

“I believe am a business person first and I think as a business person. I always want to make sure I utilise my time well; that is why I work to the maximum and with goals and objectives. That is my nature. But some people of course think that being a politician I am doing all these because I am looking for something. That is not entirely the case. Hard work is my nature,” Bensouda said.

The mayor said he perfectly understands that in politics people can create conspiracy theories. “So I will accept anything thrown at me. But take it from me, if for example, I want to be a flag bearer, I would not hide it. I will come out and say that I want to be a flag bearer. So, what is being peddled around is just conspiracy theory and I want to focus on my job as an organizing secretary of my party and mayor of KM which is in fact my number one priority. I don’t like to venture into petty talks,” he declared.