Bertil Harding now to be 3-lane dual carriageway

Bertil Harding now to be 3-lane dual carriageway


By Lamin Cham

The Bertil Harding Highway expansion work, the flagship undertaking of the OIC roads projects is now designed to be a dual carriageway with three lanes on each side. 

According to impeccable sources close to the OIC, it was only a few days ago that President Barrow approved the new adjustments to the original design of the road. The initial plan was to expand it to just a two-lane dual carriageway on an 80 metre space which cuts into many properties along the road.


However according to sources, the space that is needed for the road works has now been reduced from 80 metres to 60 to minimise the number of homes and properties that will be affected by the expansion work. Our source added that the 60m space can still accommodate three lanes, a footpath, traffic lights and other utility services. The road will have 12 roundabouts, and two flyovers (roads on top of each other) at the Brusubi Turntable and Traffic Lights Pipe Line Road

“The president approved it on compassionate grounds to reduce the number of buildings that will be demolished to give way to the road construction,” our source said.  

Meanwhile, OIC has announced that the official foundation laying for the OIC 20 roads project will be done at Brufut on Wednesday presided over by President Barrow.