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Speaking to The Standard in the wake of the team’s relegation, Bojang said all hands must now be on deck to find out the causes of the relegation and solve it so that the team can come back from the drop next season. 

“But it must be understood in the general context that sometimes you set out to achieve something and find it difficult. In life it is never easy but I am always with the team and I know the problems affecting the team,” he assured. 

The coach further disclosed that people must realise that by this time last year, Biko was the happiest club in the country after winning their first title. So when hard times come too, it has to be taken. This is football, people must be patient,” he said. 

Bojang stressed that Biko’s plight is always a concern for  both the team officials and the community of Bakau as a whole. 

“So we apologise for the problem that occurred and we believe with determination, confidence and hard work we can bring the team back to the first division,” he said.

Bojang concluded: “Steve Biko is a big team but relegation is normal in football. Everytime you see big teams in The Gambia and abroad being relegated. What needs to be done is to try and find out the problem that caused us the relegation then we try to solve that before next season so that we can come back to first division football which is very important for the team.”


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