Bombardier’s comeback story


The victory of this gigantic figure, already written off as retired, caused a big upset and threw the arena widely open. Though many still consider him a short term champion, Bombardier has proven his doubters this time and remains a threat to all eyeing the crown. In this piece we profiled the comeback moment of the B52.

Bombardier is a very offensive wrestler who often lost control of his frenzy and propensity to respond as well as tactics and is not known to have pay little attention to his rear guard. 

But many regard this as the fighter’s mental strength that often throw his opponents off balance. 


With a good physical base, the leader of the Mbour team, Bombardier, has always said he wanted to turn a new page in the combat against Balla Gaye II. Before Sunday’s combat, Bombardier has often been criticised for his lack of strategy and creativity in a fight at crucial moments, often by not applying the appropriate techniques to put his opponents to the sword. 

Also, even though he is known as a fine hitter, he often missed his path in the heat of action. But he was keen to make Sunday’s combat a turning point, 

To reassure his fans and experts of the arena, before the Sunday combat, Ousmane Dia alias Bombardier said: “Many people are mistaken about me, for believing that I am technically limited. I think I am as hard as iron to cause a melee in this duel. Then everyone will know and see what I can do at this level. I want to show something to the fans and I think this fight will offer me the opportunity. People ignore my technical abilities, and I will demonstrate it in this confrontation. I am calm because I have passed the stage where I had to have stress.”


By Lamin Cham