Borry Touray urges gov’t not to ignore TRRC recommendations


By Aisha Tamba

Senior legal practitioner, Borry Touray yesterday told the TRRC that he is concerned that the recommendations of the Commission will not be a priority like other commissions of enquiry. 

“I was hopeful that the government would implement the recommendations of those commissions of enquiry but I am afraid the Truth Commission’s report may be faced with the same degree of lethargy. I think we are faced with the problem of leadership; I am not doing politics but this is our country and I urge the government to not allow an air of impunity to those who took liberty into their hands and brutalised Gambians,” Touray said.


He said the only reason why Gambians are not taking revenge is because they have faith that the government will enforce the law and justice will be served. “I am appealing to the government that at least if all other commission reports are going to be ignored, the report of the TRRC should be looked into. “