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Kinderdorp Bottrop Technical Upper and Senior Secondary School girls under the guidance of coaches Fakebba Saine and Modou Lamin Nyassi are representing the country at the world schools football championship starting in Rabat Morocco today.
The Gambian team will first play China 1 this morning at 9:00 am Gambian time.
Yesterday, the team held a training session at the International University of Rabat sports complex where one of the teachers accompanying the team, gave the following splendid description of the team’s mood and spirit ahead of the match against China today.
The afternoon sun blankets the field in a warm and golden glow with the air filled with a gentle breeze carrying the scent of blossoming flowers and the promise of an exciting day ahead.

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The sunshine in Morocco is nothing short of breathtaking, illuminating every corner of the sports complex with its radiant beams. The azure sky stretches far and wide, creating a perfect backdrop for the eager players as they prepare for their first training session.
As the team members lace up their cleats and step onto the lush green field, the sunlight dances on their faces, infusing them with energy and enthusiasm. The vibrant colors of their jerseys are amplified under the brilliance of the sun, adding to the spectacle of the moment.
The temperature is comfortable, not too hot, and not too cold, making it an ideal setting for honing their skills and tactics. The gentle caress of the sun’s rays accompanies the team’s every move, as they pass the ball with precision and practice their formations.
The ambiance is filled with a sense of camaraderie and excitement as the players cheer each other on, motivated by the upcoming challenge of facing China in their first game. The coach’s instructions and encouragement blend harmoniously with the ambient sounds of nature and the city beyond the complex.
As the sun gradually ascends higher in the sky, the team knows they have limited time to make the most of their training. But the beauty of the morning sunlight seems to make every second count, casting a positive aura on their efforts and fostering a feeling of togetherness and determination.
The anticipation Monday’s game with China adds an extra layer of exhilaration. They can almost feel the adrenaline rushing through their veins as they envision stepping onto the pitch for the competition.
The combination of the mesmerizing scenery and the team’s passion makes this training session a truly unforgettable experience.

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